25kgs-1000 kgs commercial cube ice making,cube & crushed ice maker machine 1000kg per day


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Industrial block ice making machine 1000kg/day  

Product Description
  1. With CE certification.
  2. With Tecumseh compressor, strong power, fast freezing rate.
  3. Food grade stainless steel for ice moulds/brine tank, 10 kg to 20 kg per ice for your choice.
  4. Small size, suitable for sea food shop or small plant.
  5. High efficiency, 960kg daily production.



Block ice making

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STEP1 Connect to the power supply, add saltwater, turn on the switch.

STEP2 Feeding water into ice moulds after the temperature went down to -10°c.

STEP3 Refrigeration system begin to run and water is being frozen.

STEP4 After frozen, clamp the block ice from the ice mould.

  1. Temperature reduction and cooling in proceeding.
  2. Fresh preservation and cooling of aqutic products during line haul.
  3. Ice factory at ports and docks.
  • Oringinal manufacturer with rich experience for decades of years.
  • Professional team for solution design, production and after-sale service.
  • Adopt famous high quality components to guarantee the quality.
  • Many successful cases in the past.
  • ONE year WARRANTY.

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Model Number

MB-10 001


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