About Us

Glotrend is a Nigeria E-commerce/Shopping platform with drop-shipping suppliers from USA, Europe and Asia serving Nigeria and some countries in the west coast region of Africa. we connect this vast and diverse region through our technology, logistics and payments capabilities. we aim to serve millions of customers as we can. We Strife to become the largest E-Service Marketplace in Africa.

At Glotrend, we harness both existing and emerging technologies to redefine the retail experience. Leveraging data in real time allows us to quickly adapt to changing demands and conditions. We connect consumers to brands, create customized experiences, and have evolved into a retail destination that customers come to for both shopping and entertainment. And we continue to push the boundaries.

With the phenomenal increase in the amount of internet users in Nigeria and the rapid growth of ecommerce, the number of online financial transactions has largely increased over the years. As at 2008, there was a 90% increase in the number of Nigerian internet users from the year 2001.Businesses in the country have taken their means of communicating and trading with their consumers to the online space.

Through the e-commerce industry, the country has revolutionized the mode of business transactions by providing consumers with the ability to bank, invest, purchase, distribute, communicate, and explore anytime and anywhere access to the internet is available.
The integration of the electronic payment system into its financial system, a step that has reduced the flow of physical cash in the economy. There has also been large encouragement of electronic-based transactions, which is largely due to the effects of Globalization with the emerging growth of e-commerce, Nigeria is fast-approaching an increase in economic growth. It has been described as the fastest growing telecommunications country in Africa with growth rates reaching an amazing 21,891.1% in 20104, regardless of the fact that less than 60% of the population are active internet users. These are considered positive signs of growth and development.

Our major focus and goal is to establish a viable Ecommerce marketplace with a self sustaining structure within the African Sub-region. There is no doubt Africa has all the potential and economic power to be self sustained. Africa’s local production & indigenous production chain should be encouraged and promoted, our industries should focus more on local and regional production market. Glotrend is committed to create a platform that will integrate local production, regardless of boundaries in the African Continent ” Glotrend African Marketplace” – Africa’s Dropshipping Services.